Elementor #5

Orange or Apple or Both?

The Healthy Station 3 is Here !

Our Products

With our automatic vending machine “The Healthy Station”, we offer a new healthy Freshly squeezed fruits juice in front of our customers’ eyes, anywhere, 100% natural and always fresh.

how it works


We install one of our vending machines at your location based on a specific agreement

When installing the machine at your space for the first time, our staff members will handle the installation process to make sure that our machine which branded with our name is placed correctly and ready to be lunched.


We take care of refilling the fruits and the machine maintenance on daily basis

We offer to install Fresh Orange & Apple Juice Vending Machines at your location and take responsibility of all technical aspects of the operations such as cleaning and maintenance


Customers will start using the machine and enjoying fresh and healthy juices

The vending machine produces fresh, high-quality orange juice without any additives in-front of the eyes of the customer in less than 40 seconds


Based on our agreement you can generate a passive income at the end of each month

Investing in our vending machines will generate a passive income for you. The amount of generated income can vary from one business to another based on each business specifications

Where it works

Commerial Locations

Such as Malls and Airports

Offices and Buildings

Such as Companies and Governmental Institutions

Big Events

Such as Darb Al-Sai and Qatar Entertainment Seasons

Small Events

Such as Birthday and Graduation Parties

Sport Entities

Such as Gyms & Sport Clubs

Why US ?

We are the first , the most experienced and the biggest operator in Qatar.


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