Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the type of your product / service.

We offer to install Fresh Orange & Apple Juice Vending Machines at your location and take responsibility of all technical aspects of the operations such as cleaning and maintenance.

What does your service include in details ?

1. Orange & Apple Juice Vending Machines Installments.
2. Daily Machine Cleaning
3. Daily Fruits Refill Service
4. 24/7 Machines Maintenance and Support
5. 24/7 Customer Service

How long your product / service has been in the market.

We have been operating in Qatar since April 2019, we installed the machines in several places since then as mentioned above. The technology of fresh juices vending machines is very new and has been invented only in 2017, and we are the first to bring that technology to Qatar.

Why should we choose you ?

1- We are the first , the most experienced and the biggest operator of healthy vending machines in Qatar.
2 – We are the only operator who succeeded the Ministry of Health in Qatar quality and security tests and the only following their instructions to operate the machines.
3 - Our fruit supplier source is certified with ISO to guarantees a very high-quality juice.
4 – We are the only supplier to own a hygienic warehouse to save and clean the fruits and the machine’s parts daily.
5 – We are the only supplier who cleans the machines daily following the rules of the Ministry of Health in Qatar.
6 – We are the only supplier using approved sanitizer material as instructed by the Ministry of Health in Qatar to clean the fruits before filling it up in the machine.
7- All our staff members have a health certificate provided from Qatar government.
8 – We are the only supplier who provides 24/7 maintenance and customer service .
9 - Our machines are the only ones in the market that are able to give money changes back , giving flexibility to the customers.
10 – We offer a variety of 3 different pr¬oducts based on the customers needs.

What are your future goals ?

1- Keep up with the latest technology provided in the international market in the same field and import it to Qatar
2- Increase the number of our products variations
3- Expand our growth in the Qatari Market by reaching more commercial entities
4- Increase the number of our staff
5- Market our services to reach a wider range of our target audience
6- Promote a healthy life style in Qatar with more activities related to our field

I am afraid to install your machine at my space, that might not work, any ideas ?

Our products and services are well accepted in the market as it is aligned with Qatar’s Vision 2030, Our target audience are happy with our products because it gives for them the option to drink fresh juices produces in less than 50 seconds anywhere and anytime within an affordable prices. Our expand in the Qatari market in a very short time is a proven evidence of the increased demand on our products and the satisfaction of our customers. Our existence in a very importance places in the country such as Qatar Foundation and Al-Jazeera channel in such short time is another evidence of the need of our healthy products in the market. We Conducted a real life survey asking our target audience about their happiness with our produces, the result showed that 90% are very satisfied with the product and will buy it again, then we observed the number of loyal customers of our machines available in Qatar Foundation, We found that a big number of students and employees will return to our machines again and again.

How is your product prepared ?

We chose an ISO certified fruits supplier in Qatar to guarantee the quality of the fruits, we also have different suppliers when needed to guarantee no gap in the juicing process in case of any unpleasant circumstances with the current suppler. After buying the fruits from the supplier, We deliver it immediately to our warehouse with our own cars and drivers, where we follow a strict procedures from the ministry of health in Qatar of How to store the fruits and clean it. We take regular samples of the juice and send it to the lab to confirm the quality. Once the fruits are chosen carefully and cleaned with specific materials recommended by the ministry of health in Qatar, we prepare it with our packaging to be delivered to our machines. Once the fruits are delivered, we clean the machines then we start refilling it with the fruits following a hygienic procedures. After making sure that all the fruits are in the fruits container and ready to be squeezed, we check on the number of available plastic cups branded with our name and refill it again if needed. Once a customer order a cup of juice, the machine will start juicing the fruits in front of the customer eye in less than 50 seconds, then it will seal it automatically. When installing the machine at your space for the first time, our staff members will handle the installation process to make sure that our machine which branded with our name is placed correctly and ready to be lunched. We provide 24/7 maintenance and customer service.

What are the juice prices ?

The price depends on the placement of the machines and the potential number of customers, Contact us for more details
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